Friday, April 8, 2011

“Do something that you enjoy every day”

Doing things that we love to do helps us to relax. Often times I find that when it’s something I love doing I take my time doing it and lose sense of time, which means I am really enjoying what I am doing! I love to write, so I’ve dedicated time to write something everyday. I’ve also made time to find new recipes to cook a new dish and I have done some baking too! I like to paint and draw, so those are next on my list. I’m also grateful for the time I have to do some reading, and the weather is getting better so I’m thinking about swimming soon! I went for a walk and thought about my rollerblades sitting in the closet, so I will be getting those out this weekend if it doesn’t rain! These are just some of the things that I like to do. 

Maybe you own a bike, so go for a ride. Call up some friends and just sit and have coffee or see a movie. You might enjoy gardening, or putting together flower arrangements. Perhaps you like bowling, or working out at the gym. Make a list of things you like to do or want to learn to do. Make the time and start today!


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  1. Live! Exactly so many of us (me) don't know what that is. We hear it all the time but what exactly IS living? It's what you have said here plain and simple. I've been in a winter blah stage. I've let the weather determine my happiness. I need to do something I love regardless of the outside conditions. I actually need to find out what I love to do. Life has gotten so grey and routine the joys of life were put on hold. Without joy we don't actually live life to the fullest. I should combine your two blogs here and make a list of things I actually like to do and do them! lol Is that making a plan for happiness?