Thursday, October 27, 2011

Break the Routine to Arrive at Your Destiny!

Are you so preoccupied with obsessing over future plans and decisions that you fail to see what’s going on right now; what choices you need to make today; and what’s needed in your life at this very moment?

Are you finding that you are stuck making habitual responses and your life has become dull and mundane as you sleepwalk through your days, following well-worn paths of routine.

Allow God to help you seek what He has placed within you- this gift that He has placed in your heart is something that comes naturally to you and it will blossom more as you attach it to the talents that He has given you; your gifts and talents are there - He placed them in your heart! That’s why nothing else you do in life will ever compare to doing this particular thing. In pursuing this, you allow the creator of the universe to lead you along fresh trails of adventure!

Watch the joy that comes as He reveals each step along the way. You will learn and see things that you did not know! And as you yield to His direction, you will find that you have arrived at your destiny!

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