Monday, January 28, 2013

Reminded of the Vision - Living with Purpose

I’m supposed to be reminding others to live with purpose – that’s what the Lord continues to put on my heart, and that’s also what I began my blog about or rather the focus of the blog is Living with Purpose. Once in a while life throws us off course, but God is faithful and is always ready to set us back on track. It’s amazing what He uses to help us regain focus.
The recent death of a dear friend reminds me of Living with Purpose. She modeled well intentionally Living with Purpose. God used her in a mighty way to impact the lives of others. I don’t know anyone who wasn’t touched and affected by her loving heart. She was strong and courageous even through her many years of battling cancer. People were so astounded by her faith and willingness to openly share her struggles with cancer. She believed God could heal and she said so! She knew that God would bring her healing whether here on earth or there in heaven. But regardless, while she was here, cancer and nothing else got in the way of her helping others and making others feel that they had a sense of purpose.

So I want to continue my blog in the way that it was intended – reminding others that their life has meaning and purpose through Christ. He’s the only way to truly know and understand how to live your life with purpose. As you draw close to Him, He will reveal your purpose, thus He will be glorified and you will receive the joy and the blessings of the journey!

Your life matters. You are NO mistake. Your life has purpose!

Live your life with purpose!

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