Monday, January 28, 2013

Not easy to say goobye to LaNelle Parker

Death is inevitable, but when you lose someone you love and who has deeply impacted your life, it just comes as such a shock and there really are no words. My heart is just not prepared to say goodbye. I held on to hope that she would have more time, that there would be more time. I do take comfort in knowing her struggles are over and that she is with the Lord. I will just miss her lively spirit and remarkable gift of touching my heart even through our phone conversations.
I can’t list every amazing thing she did for me and my son, but when we had a need, she came through, moving heaven and earth to make it happen. Like the time I lost my job and she wouldn't give up until I got hired or the time I couldn't pay my rent and she brought me up in fron of the church and pleaded for help on my behalf. When my son was sick, I called her and she prayed. Many things were done behind the scenes almost in secret or at least it seemed that way to me because I usually had no idea until something manifested with good results because she was up to something. She wouldn't give up on anything or anyone. That’s just who she was – a make it happen kind of lady! It is easy to forget how we get where we are and who God places in our lives to help us along the way. When I look at what she did in my life and getting a glempse of what she did in the lives of others, it amazes me what all she accomplished as one person. There was no obstacle or mountain too great for her and she had a tremendous faith in the Lord and she demonstrated that faith daily. She also demonstrated the love of Christ to me and was a living example of His love and grace. I admire her strength and commitment to the Lord and to others so much. I’m sure the Lord is telling her “Well done, good and faithful servant!”
It hurts to know that when I return to the place where it all began for me, the smiling face that I always looked for and the open arms that greeted me so many times will no longer be there. So grateful to have known and been loved by LaNelle Parker.

May the Lord comfort Doc Bill, Kimberly & her family, and all who loved and adored LaNelle.

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