Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The process of Transformation!

It is God who raises kings and crushes kings! Don’t get caught up on the wrongs that “people” are doing to you or how it appears that they are getting away with their lies, deceit and constant and deliberate plots and schemes to bring you down. It’s not about the people and what they seem to be getting away with; it’s about God doing something in you – transformation! And know this…nothing escapes God; He sees ALL things and will deal with them accordingly!
God doesn’t cause man’s heart or rather the people causing you distress to be cruel and hateful, but because He knows their heart is such, He will use them to expose something in your heart that He knows must be addressed, whether it be exposing in you envy, jealousy, anger, fear, insecurities, etc.; these are things that should not be there and absolutely get in the way of your blessing and cause you to stumble. God knew exactly who to use to get the children of Israel to move and to prompt and motivate Moses and Aaron to accept their mission. Though Moses struggled in the beginning, he still moved forward and continued with the task, fearful and insecure and thinking he needed Aaron, but when he returned as a Hebrew and not as an Egyptian, something inside of him clicked, something was different and he became determined to help his people go free and therefore he did what he had to do. God revealed fear, doubt and the insecurities in Moses’ heart on so many levels, but God worked those fears and insecurities out of Moses as He had already equipped Moses with power and authority to lead the children of Israel out of slavery; Moses just didn’t know it yet!
It wasn’t about what pharaoh was doing, it was about what God wanted to accomplish and change in the hearts of his children, including Moses, so that God would be glorified. It’s about stripping away the things that hinder us from purpose. It’s about God exposing the things that should not be in our heart; things that block where God is leading us and who we are meant to be!

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